There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Felt Board Story Song

  • $42.99

Don't let this little old lady wearing a pearl necklace fool you... She has a big appetite! She begins with a fly, and eats bigger and bigger and bigger animals. How?! Who knows! Find out what happens when she gobbles all those animals up.

There is a felt handle on the back of the lady to enable the puppet to be held up. The apron remains open so you can tuck the animals into her apron as she eats them.

Looking for something to use your felt pieces on? For this kit, an a3 roll up mat is a great size. View our mats here.

This kit comes with a N+F stamped calico bag with an attached photo of the kit for safe keeping while not in use and a downloadable song card, sent straight to your inbox upon purchase or you can download upon checkout.

Some colours of felt pieces may vary.

This item is proudly handmade!

For size comparison, our wooden N+F logo disk in the pictures is 10cm in diameter.


Needle + Felt will be taking a break from the end of September, 2021 until future notice. Stock will NOT be replaced for the remainder of the year. I encourage you to purchase products while they are in stock now. Thanks for all your support, to read more about why we are taking a break read our blog here.