Felt Food DIY Kit by Needle + Felt

  • $36.99

Are you a bit curious about making your own felt food? Leave the cutting to the pros and let your creative side flow as you stitch your own DIY kit together! We've created a comprehensive food kit of healthy food items to use in your child's play! Take a look at what this kit will help you make:


  • Tea Bags x 2
  • Bread Slice x 2
  • Egg x 1
  • Cheese Slice x 1
  • Fish x 1
  • Steak x 1
  • Broccoli x 1
  • Lettuce x 1
  • Beetroot x 1
  • Spinach Leaves x 2
  • Carrot x 1
  • Cucumber Slice x 1
  • Tomato Slice x 1
  • Watermelon x 1
  • Orange Slice x 1
  • Apple Slice x 1
  • Strawberry x 1
  • Blueberries x 2
  • Kiwi Fruit x 1
  • Pineapple x 1
  • Pasta Bowties x 9
  • Pasta Fettucini Ribbons x 20 

Talk about a good grocery list! There is a total of 29 pasta items and remaining 24 fruits, vegetables and protein items. 

Use a variety of stitching methods such as blanket stitch, straight stitch, french knots or whatever takes your fancy to bring these beautiful felt pieces to life. 

You can find lots of embroidery tutorials on Pinterest or online, if you need some inspo. 

For those who are curious of how to turn a rectangle into a bowtie:

This kit contains all felt items you'll need to create the list above, not embroidery threads or needles. This kit comes with a N+F stamped calico bag with an attached photo of the kit for safe keeping while not in use.

This item is proudly handmade and proudly was Gaby's idea ;)

For size comparison, our wooden N+F logo disk in the pictures is 10cm in diameter.


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