The N+F Story

Just a girl, with some scissors, a hot glue gun, and lots of felt...
I am Loretta and I'm the maker and creator of Needle + Felt. N+F was born after my Dad gifted me some special scissors and after I realised people loved the resources I often made for myself to use in early education teaching and play. Educators and colleagues often commented they never had the time to make them and children have always loved using my creations. So, I decided I'd make them. It's sort of my therapy, so I love it. I hope you love my work too.
I live in Sydney with my husband and our two rabbits. I'm a teacher and have studied my certificate III, diploma and finished my bachelor's degree in December 2018. I have a huge passion for teaching and learning and always have several projects going to keep me busy. 
N+F creations are so special and unique. A lot of work goes into creating beautiful resources for young children, and the teachers in their lives. I turn a piece of felt into a storypiece. It's all handmade, by me, right here in Sydney and they aren't just a piece of felt, they really are something to build a story with. Children get to learn while they play, building on their journey of literacy, numeracy, social experiences, creative play and imagination. 
Loretta of Needle and Felt