Frequently Asked Questions

How are your products made?

All of my items are handmade. I use a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, sewing needles, thread and a sewing machine for my mats. I don't use any mass-producing machines and I do not operate at a factory level. I cut all of my felt items out, assemble them and decorate them all on my own. 

How do I use your products?

You can use them any way you want! Some people use kits for group times, some have them available in their classrooms for the children to use freely, some use them as intentional teaching moments. Feel free to read our blog on using felt kits to give you some more ideas too, or check out our Instagram highlights too!

How does delivery work?

Needle + Felt uses Australia Post for most orders. We use parcel post. All orders come with tracking information. We believe our customers should be able to know where their order is, and keep an eye on its delivery so all of our orders include tracking and we do not offer shipping without tracking. In some situations, such as Circle Scene orders, N+F may use other carriers including Sendle. This is because Circle Scenes are larger, and can incur higher shipping costs depending on the shipping provider and the postage area. If at any time you want to know more for your postal area, just send me an email at needleandfelt@outlook.com.au

What are delivery time frames/turnaround times?

Felt kits and Mats are wrapped and post usually within 1-3 days of you placing your order. In some instances, that time frame stretches to 1-5 days but that is unusual. For delivery time frames to your postal area it is best to use the Australia Post website for information as it depends on your location. 

Will I have to wait for my order to be made?

No. Items that are "In stock" on the website are made and are ready to be shipped. If there is something out of stock, and you are happy to wait for it to be made, please send an email to needleandfelt@outlook.com. Circle Scenes do have a wait time, as they are a pre-order product. Wait times for these products are always specified when pre-order opens. 

Do you do custom orders?

N+F has become busier and busier. I am also a preschool teacher, so I don't have a lot of extra time for custom orders. You're welcome to send an email through to me at needleandfelt@outlook.com.au to check if I can fit your request in.

Something is out of stock, what can I do?

You can add your email to the 'notify me' box on the product that it out of stock. You will get an automatic email as soon as I restock that item, so you'll be notified ASAP when it's restocked. It doesn't subscribe you to any newsletters, it's only used for the purpose to notify you. 

I want to make an order with you, but it involves some out of stock items or I require different methods to pay, can you help with this?

Absolutely! Just send an email through to needleandfelt@outlook.com to discuss your needs. I'm able to create a draft order for you. Draft orders do come with a time limit to process payment, so please only proceed to contact me if you wish to purchase. What are delivery time frames?

I want to order multiple quantities of kits but it doesn't seem like there's enough stock of it on your website?

Due to our items being handmade, sometimes we only have 1 or 2 items of kits in stock. Just send an email through to needleandfelt@outlook.com.au and I can let you know how I can help you out :)

Oh no, I left an item off my cart but I already checked out / something has come back in stock not long after I've already placed an order?

Don't fret. Send me an email at needleandfelt@outlook.com.au or send me a message via my Facebook page as soon as you can. Generally if it's within the first 12-24 hours of your order being placed, I'll be able to add it into your order, so you don't pay postage twice. 

I'd like some more information about Circle Scenes?

Circle Scenes were created in 2019. I spent 8 months perfecting different designs and working on the perfect size. In the end, I made them to fit the kmart drinks tray, which is perfect for using for small world play or sensory play. In mid 2020 I released a new range of designs. Circle Scenes are only available from N+F and have been a unique addition to my range that I offer. They are available usually twice a year as they are a big job to complete! If you want to receive information about Circle Scenes, you can add your email address to my VIP subscription list. Please note, it does NOT subscribe you to my general newsletter which covers information of sales, new products or shop info. 

What is the difference between your newsletter subscription and your Circle Scene VIP subscription?

The newsletter subscription will keep you up to date of news of any sales, new products, shop/website information and also our MONTHLY offers for you to take advantage of. Our Circle Scene VIP subscription will only provide you with news and information about our Circle Scenes. If you subscribe to one, it only subscribes you to THAT category, not to both. Circle Scene subscription basically won't receive any other product/shop info outside of Circle Scenes. 

I have a suggestion of something you should make, how can I let you know?

I have a 'to-do' list of kits to make, and I'm always adding ideas to it! I don't have a lot of free time to work on new kits, it takes a lot of work to refine a new idea but when I do have the time, I turn to my list. If you have a suggestion you can use my online suggestion form.