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So, a while ago I put up a post seeking feedback about how I package my products for customers. The options were to continue with the ziplock plastic pouch or use calico bags.
I won't lie, the opinions seemed to be split down the middle!
Customers told me that they love the plastic pouches as they keep pieces flat and they can be stored easily.
Customers also told me that they loved the idea of calico bags because, well, less plastic!
Ever since I started N+F four(ish-something) years ago, calico bags were always on the cards. It seemed impossible to make my product work for calico bags though, so the idea usually ended up in the too hard basket. 
That is how I ended up with the plastic pouches. They do work incredibly well, to keep everything together especially with a story card kept inside. However, I was never 100% content with this option.
And then when Australia Post changed arrangements for postage fees for various products, I realised I would have to increase prices in order to stay ahead. I didn't want to do that!
This spurred on a few months of insistent research to find appropriate sized bags, that would fit Aus Post products. It raised a lot of questions along the way such as how I would manage markets (how would people see my product?!), how would customers store their kits, what about their opinions and needs, what about story cards? 
Ideally, to be a bit more sustainable and to keep prices from increasing, I needed to find a workable way forward. 
This is why, after months of research and consideration, how we package our kits have changed to be more sustainable, and to be honest a lot more beautiful!
Our new calico bags are a beautiful way to keep your pieces together, and our new downloadable story cards can be printed and laminated if you personally wish so. They are designed to be a complementary size for the calico bag your purchased kits will come in, so they will fit beautifully together!
Each bag has a photograph of the kit attached so you can use it to cross-check that each felt piece has gone back in the kit, or to tell which kit is which if you're lucky and have a gorgeous collection of multiple kits.
New, beautiful calico bags!
Easily store your bags in a basket, cupboard or drawer. If they're personally yours and not the centre's you can write your name on the reverse side of the photograph. If you're still staunchly a plastic fan, you can purchase them from Officeworks and use the calico bags for other toy storage if you like.
I really excited to see my N+F customers embrace our new methods, as I'm super proud of how all my research, perseverance and math (yes, I had to do math!! If you know me, you know that is not my strong point) worked out. This has been something I've wanted to accomplish for years, so I'm super excited to have completed this goal!
So go forth and discover this beautiful new change to my handmade, small business.
xx Loretta

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